About Nora

Nora Personal Care was established in 1997 to provide assisted living services for seniors at every stage of life. Our facility offers a homelike atmosphere with trained professionals who are available to help residents with activities of daily living. Since inception, we have provided quality residential care to our clients. Although we are a relatively small organization, our senior principals collectively have over 35 years of experience providing living assistance and support services to seniors, and nurturing the health of people in our community.

Our staff shares a commitment to serving our residents with tender loving care, dignity and respect. We go the extra mile to make the lives of those we serve fun and fulfilling. From meal preparation to activities of daily living and family relationships, all aspects of daily resident life receive careful attention. As part of our mission, we strive to fill each of our resident's day with meaningful, personalized experiences.

Members of our staff have extensive experience in critical care, medication administration and dispensing. The team consists of a clinical pharmacist, a registered nurse and certified nurse assistants. We also partner with resident healthcare providers to design an environment and lifestyle tailored to the needs of our residents so as to promote continued health and longevity.