At Nora Personal Care, we go the extra mile to make the lives of those we serve fun and fulfilling. We encourage dialogue and interaction between our clients and our team of care givers in order to better understand and respond to the needs of our residents. From meal preparation to activities of daily living and family relationships, all aspects of daily resident life receive careful attention.

We provide an array of services to help residents feel comfortable, secure and as independent as possible. These services include:

Meal Planning and Preparation Services
We provide daily meals to all our residents. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. We work with our residents and primary care physicians to identify dietary requirements on a case by case basis. Menus are created based on these requirements and posted weekly at the common area. During our house meetings, we solicit feedback and suggestions from our clients, their family members or other representatives in order to improve our services.

Laundry Services
Nora Personal Care provides assistance with laundry to all our residents. This includes items of clothing, beddings, towels, under wears, drapes and other related items.

Our facility is cleaned on a daily basis. This includes the carpet in all the bedrooms and living areas, the kitchen, toilets and the yard. The toilets are disinfected daily.

Medical Services
We provide medication administration assistance, first-aid assistance and assistance with personal hygiene.

Recreational Services
We organize recreational activities for our residents based on their interests and preferences. This includes activities away from our facility such as trips to the Denver zoo, the botanical garden, restaurants, movies and libraries. We also organize several activities at our facilities such as games and watching videos.

Personal Grooming
We assist our clients with personal grooming needs. This includes bathing, nail trimming, tooth brushing etc. The type and degree of assistance provided varies depending on the needs of the clients.